Our investment, your success

As a specialist provider of commercial litigation funding, MLS is able to fund a range of actions unavailable from other firms, including professional negligence, insolvency, tax, breach of contract, misrepresentation, arbitration, tort, matrimonial and all private client claims.

We have direct access to funds

Managed Legal Solutions’ two-stage funding process offers timely and reliable funding. Any request for funding will initially be reviewed in-house. If all relevant documentation is provided with the application, an in principal funding offer can normally be made within 10 working days

We have immediate access to more than £20,000,000 in funds, and will provide funding for the following legal expenses:

Solicitors fees

Barristers fees

Expert Witness Fees

ATE insurance premiums

Security for costs orders

General disbursements

ATE Insurance as standard

If necessary, we refer all claimants to an independent After The Event (ATE) insurance broker to protect their contribution if they choose to contribute towards the costs of litigation. An ATE insurance policy will ensure that, in the event that the claim is lost, the claimant retains 90 per cent of his or her contribution.

Our commitment to you

Our biggest asset is you. And that’s why we take every step to ensure that your claim is taken care of both financially and legally.

We commit to:

  • Provide a flexible pricing structure based on your needs and the demands of the case
  • Consider funding applications where the value of claim is £250,000 and above, although we may agree to fund lower claims
  • Pay on a monthly basis, throughout the life of the case, the claimants’ agreed costs
  • Meet the costs it has agreed to fund in the event that the litigation is not successful, thereby removing the financial risk to the claimant
  • Enable the claimant to proceed with a case secure in the knowledge that it will be funded through to trial
  • Pay the ATE insurance premium in advance


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