Your claim comes first

Managed Legal Solutions is able to offer funding for more claims than most other funders. We will fund claims for:

Professional negligence

Pursuing litigation where there has been a breach of the duty of care between professionals and their clients


Pursuing litigation to recoup a creditor’s losses


Pursuing litigation where HM Revenue & Customs is unwilling to settle with the taxpayer

Breach of contract

Pursuing litigation where a party has failed to perform its obligations under a contract


Pursuing litigation where a party’s action has unfairly caused the claimant to suffer loss or harm


Pursuing litigation where a party has failed to fairly distribute assets

Private client claims

Pursuing litigation on behalf of an individual for a variety of claims, including estate distribution

We will also consider a range of other claims; contact us to see how we can help you

Minimum claim size

We will consider all funding applications where the value of claim is £250,000 and above, although we may agree to fund lower claims.

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