Funding made easier

Managed Legal Solutions’ two-stage funding process offers timely and reliable funding. Any request for funding will initially be reviewed in-house. If all relevant documentation is provided with the application, an in principal funding offer can normally be made within 10 working days.

Apply now:

Online application funding form comes here.

Stage 1:

Application for funding received by MLS management.

Application form and all supporting documentation is reviewed by management team.

Stage 2:

Once MLS management team is satisfied that funding application meets all MLS’s core acceptance criteria, a recommendation to fund the claim will be made to the MLS funding committee.

If on reviewing the case MLS Funding committee accept the management teams recommendations then funding can be agreed.

MLS can make a formal offer to fund a claim as little as ten days from the date a completed application form (with supporting documentation) is received.

Core Acceptance Criteria

Demonstrable merits of success typically greater than 60% for any claim for which funding is required.

Quantum for the claim must normally be in excess of £250,000 or bear a ratio to anticipated recovery which meets the expectations of both the claimant and MLS.

Agreed case plan and cost budget estimate must be in place.

All cases for which funding is required must be supported by ATE (after the event insurance cover).


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